The Perks of Being a Phoenix Mason

Finding fulfillment, purpose, and belonging at a Colorado masonry company

The Great Resignation doesn’t discriminate by industry. From airlines to hospitals—restaurants to construction companies—people are leaving their jobs to pursue better, or even completely different, opportunities. Living under pandemic conditions for the past 22 months has taken a toll on American workers, exacerbating feelings of stress, workplace dissatisfaction, and especially burnout. Additionally, the life-altering experience of living through a pandemic has caused some to reevaluate their purpose. Confronted by how short life can be, people are seriously weighing and considering how they spend their precious time.

Benjamin Granger, head of employee experience advisory services at Qualtrics echoes this sentiment. In an article for Bloomberg, he states, “When confronted with the prospect of mortality, people definitely behave differently. People are looking at work through a different lens. The lens is things like, ‘I am not working for a paycheck. That’s not what this is about. I need to be fulfilled.’”

Opportunities Amid The Great Resignation

In a recent blog post, we talked about how the Great Resignation presents opportunities for the construction industry to attract a roster of new talent. Especially for those looking for job security, looking to learn a skilled trade, working with their hands, and who prefer working outdoors than being cooped up in an office building. For Coloradans seeking a new and bright career path, Phoenix Masonry, a quality commercial construction contractor, could be the answer. 

The Phoenix Difference

Phoenix Masonry is a woman-owned commercial masonry contractor located in Thornton, Co. Its CEO, Christy Crook, is outspoken in her beliefs that construction and masonry workers should have the opportunity to enjoy sustainable and equitable long-term careers. True to her word, Crook does her best to take care of her employees, from providing health benefits to offering higher than average wages. She also provides up-to-date safety training to her workers and opportunities to advance within the industry.

Phoenix’s safety director, Miranda Krajewski, is a great example, stating, “Starting out as an assistant and working my way through to the safety director has been such a blessing to me. I love that they aren’t afraid to give you new opportunities, with the understanding that you might make some mistakes. Management pushes you when they know that you have the ability to do something, even if you don’t yet know it.” 

At Phoenix, masons aren’t mere workers. They are the fabric of the company and are treated with appreciation and dignity.

“Working for Phoenix is unlike working at any other construction or masonry company because of the staff. We really appreciate the people who work for us, and we have a great team. Everyone is a team player and wants the company to be successful,” said Adam Gutierrez, Phoenix’s vice-president.

Join Us And Rise

Phoenix is always looking for people with good attitudes and a willingness to learn. Prior masonry experience is a plus, but above all, they’re looking for responsible individuals who aren’t afraid of some good old-fashioned hard work. If you’re someone who’s looking for a career change or a mason who prefers to work for a company that invests in its employees, please take a moment and fill out an application on the Phoenix Masonry Careers Page.