As an architect, you know that structural masonry is the foundation upon which your buildings rest so it has to be done right. Your purpose is the same as ours–to produce a structurally-sound building that’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s why your drawings will always receive a high level of attention and thorough consideration from Phoenix Masonry. We love bringing construction ideas to life and “nerd out” on all the details, just like you do.  

Architects and Masons Have Something In Common

That feeling you get when your drawings become a reality is probably why you do what you do. We understand that. We recognize the care, effort, and time you spend rendering each drawing. We have that same passion for excellence in our masonry craftsmanship. When we finish a job, step back, and assess our work, we feel that same pride. That’s why we think we are great partners for architects. 

Our Commitment to Excellence

You want your drawings executed with precision and care and you need masonry contractors you can trust. Our employees think each project through, genuinely enjoy their work, and take pride in exceeding expectations.

Our Word is Our Bond

We built our company by displaying integrity in all our business dealings. We deliver on what we promise. Trust is something we take mighty seriously. Christy Cook, our founder, began Phoenix Masonry on the principles of trust and integrity and we believe it is the basis of our success.

Clear Communication From Day One

Lack of communication can completely derail a project. We like to get involved early in the construction process to set expectations for you and your clients about what we can accomplish, and what may lead to problems or increased costs later on. 

Our culture of transparency and communication ensures that everyone on our team is fully engaged in the entire process of bidding, planning, scheduling, working, and completing jobs. Our employees own their responsibility to deliver high-quality stone masonry and structural masonry work. They engage in consistent and frequent communication and get the job done on time.

We Respect the Project

Our respect for your vision stays with us on the job site. When you request that a specific contractor performs your project’s structural masonry, their behavior reflects on you as well. When there are subcontractors on the job site who aren’t properly supervised, it wastes time and resources. You can rely on our project foreman to carefully manage materials, teams, and project schedules. We make sure every crew member thoroughly understands the job, shows up on time, and works to capacity. 

Our Capabilities and Scope

Our team of 40 employees brings over 300 years of combined experience to every project. We are experienced with many materials including, but not limited to, brick, block, stone, and glass block. We are bonded and insured for up to $2 million, so if the worst should occur, we (and you) are covered. 

We Keep the Big Picture in Mind, Even If We Disagree

We’re not shy in saying architects and contractors can sometimes be at odds. After you spend countless hours rendering project drawings, it’s important that the GC and structural masonry contractor can execute down to the last brick. If the masonry contractors decide to do things their own way, it can feel like a personal insult.  

Though we make a point to communicate early to establish realistic expectations, we also know that disputes do occur. When disagreements happen, we strive to be collaborative and objective because, when the argument is over, what remains is our reputation. We prioritize our legacy of integrity over any single conflict. We take the long view and seek the most equitable, expedient solution. And ultimately, our goals are the same– to make your overall project a success. Bickering over small stuff doesn’t suit our purposes. 

We Own Our Mistakes

There is no room for egos on the job site. If we make a mistake, we own it and fix it. No questions asked. 

Safety Ratings

Safety is a top priority for us. We continually train on safety standards and reinforce best workplace safety practices at all job sites. 

Looking for a contractor with a passion for high-quality stone masonry and structural masonry work? Contact us, today.