Christy Crook Profiled in Authority Magazine

Where publicity is concerned, 2023 has certainly gotten off to a tremendous start – provided your name happens to be Christy Crook. That’s right, Phoenix Masonry is proud to share the news that our CEO was recently profiled in Authority Magazine – a publication that features in-depth and interesting interviews with top leaders in business, pop culture, wellness, social impact, and technology. Published on the Medium platform, the site boasts viewership of 30 million viewers each month.

Authority Magazine focuses on sharing profiles of innovative leaders through a collection of titles, each with its own series. Famous celebrities and other VIPs including Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Seth Godin, Marc Cuban, Bethenny Frankel, Dr. Jane Goodall, Jewel, Shaquille O’Neal, Alicia Silverstone, Maria Shriver have all participated in previous interviews. As have the CEOs of American Express, Bank of America, Twitter, Microsoft, Kroger, Walgreens, Louis Vuitton, CVS, and Walmart. And, now new to the list, Christy Crook of Phoenix Masonry.

The topic selected for Christy’s participation is one that certainly hits close to home. Editor Kelly Reeves requested that Christy participate in a topic entitled, “Thriving as a Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry.” In this intriguing profile, Christy shares the five things you need to succeed in this complicated world. Here are some other highlights we can share from the article:

 On the biggest obstacles women leaders in commercial construction face…

“Among the biggest challenges I think most women are familiar with concerns lending and funding, but I’m still not 100% certain that it’s a female-related issue or if it has more to do with the complexity of commercial construction financing needs. Another area that stands out is acceptance. When you’re fortunate enough to be asked to join a board of directors, it’s always an honor, but I often got a sense that the men were either uncomfortable or intimidated by my presence. Lastly, there’s always a lingering suspicion that’s present when dealing with men in a male-dominated industry. Whether you’re treated well, or not, you’re always wondering if the interaction is intentional — or unintentional.”

On what male construction leaders can do to recruit more women in the industry…

“First and foremost, there just needs to be WAY more participation. A conscious effort is required. I think it all comes down to utilizing our emotional intelligence — which is extremely important in the business world. It’s no secret that the commercial construction industry is — and has been — suffering from a massive shortage of both skilled and unskilled labor. But only 10% of the construction workforce are women. Think maybe we could solve this crisis if we had more like 40% participation?”

On how she’d advise other women looking to break into commercial construction…

“Based on my own experience and the success I’ve had, I’d advise any woman to shoot for the stars. Don’t get hung up on gender issues and let that dictate your choices in life. Find the challenges that excite you and get you out of bed every morning. Then follow them. You’ll one day discover that your success deserves more credit and celebration than if you’d chosen a more comfortable path in life.”

There’s much more to this lengthy profile of Christy Crook’s interview with Authority Magazine. To read about Christy’s five things that women need to thrive and succeed as a woman in a male dominated industry, simply follow this link and you’ll be enlightened!

Christy Crook is on a mission in 2023 to raise brand awareness for Phoenix Masonry through targeted media opportunities, speaking engagements, and additional award submissions. Currently, there are many projects in the works, and once these become public, we’ll be sharing these success stories in our social media channels and quarterly newsletters. In the meantime, congrats again to Christy for this well-deserved honor!