Our Certifications Meet Your Requirements

Win bids more easily by working with a commercial masonry contractor with multiple certifications including small business and woman-owned small business.

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Industries We Serve

Our Denver masonry team works with multiple industries, including general contractors, municipalities, and architects in commercial masonry construction.

General Contractors

General contractors can’t have ill-informed or poorly-supervised workers on their site. As business owners ourselves, we know what’s at stake. That’s why you can trust that the team of masonry contractors we outline during the bidding process will be the team that shows up everyday, ready to go the extra mile.

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Municipalities partner with us because of our extensive experience with state and local government projects. We are well-versed in the paperwork and procedures involved in government projects, and our team members love seeing their neighbors enjoy the fruits of their masonry work throughout Colorado.

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Architects turn to us because we match their zeal for bringing every detail of a design to life. We like to get involved in masonry construction projects early so we can help you keep your timeline on track. During construction, if we make a mistake, we address it and fix it. We always prioritize our reputation of integrity over our egos.

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We offer quality Denver masonry services to the front range and beyond including, but not limited to, structural CMU, structural brick, natural stone, and glass block. Talk to us about your project. We are eager to help you decide on materials that meet your project’s purpose and physical requirements while matching your desired look and feel for the finished result.

Our bidding process is quick and painless. We can provide you with a detailed bid, often within 24 hours if you’re short on time. You can expect the bid you receive will be thorough, accurate, and complete.

As masonry contractors, we pride ourselves on completing quality masonry work on time and as promised. We know we play a key role in ensuring the best outcome for your project and we take that responsibility seriously. You can rely on us to locally source materials whenever possible to minimize wait times and keep your timeline on track. Our foremen are trained to be experts in managing schedules, teams, materials, and processes so your project runs smoothly.


We employ a skilled team of masonry contractors. We have 40 employees who have come to us from a variety of backgrounds and at various skill levels. What they all have in common is a passion for superior craftsmanship, a desire to work with their hands, and a pride in seeing others benefit from their labor.

To us, a career in masonry is a career in self-determination. Each individual is empowered to take control of their finances and their future. The more you work, the more money you make. No degree required.

We offer on-the-job training for those new to masonry work, and are a community of peers for masonry contractors with more advanced experience.

Above all, we value our employees and offer paid time off, paid holidays, a 401(k) plan, and opportunities for advancement. We have a place for anyone committed to upholding our pillars of hard work, integrity, trustworthiness, and open communication. If that sounds like you, fill out an application. We’ll be in touch with you shortly.


“There are a lot of stress and headaches as a general contractor. The more you can avoid, the better off you are. (With Phoenix Masonry) I don’t have a lot of fighting and arguing. They get the job done. If they make a mistake, they fix it. They don’t nickel and dime me with change orders. Steve Crook has integrity. When he says he will do something, he does it. I have a lot of respect for him and I trust him. That’s a big deal.”

Douglas E. Decker
Vice President of Operations
White Construction Group



“Phoenix is our go-to masonry company in the Denver Metro area. We value the quality of their work. . . Communication can make or break a job and Phoenix is always communicating with us. . . We had one issue on a job they did with us some years ago. We called Phoenix and they met with us, looked at the job, and said, “We’re wrong. We’ll fix it.” Within 24 hours they fixed it. People make mistakes all the time. It’s how you deal with them. Phoenix, when they make a mistake, they own it and they fix it. No questions asked. “

Mike Yaggi
Iron Mike Construction



“I’ve been with this company for 19 years and Phoenix has been our go-to masonry company all those years. They treat us right and give us competitive pricing. We value knowing that they will be on the job when they need to be. They’ve always done a good job for us.”

Scott DeWeese
Aberdeen Construction



“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing tuck pointing.  Al was amazing – professional, kind and incredibly talented. I have had other tuck pointing done and you could always tell where. Al was so great at matching, that you can’t tell where he worked. Amazing! And, there is just no way I can thank you enough. It makes me cry and smile at the same time. Your generosity touched me. Thank you!!”