Careers at Phoenix Masonry

Our employees don’t see masonry construction as their job, they see it as their calling. 

A career in masonry work provides an opportunity to expand your skill sets, practice creative problem-solving, and experience the rewards of working with your hands. 

Our Employees Are Our Most Valuable Asset

Phoenix Masonry wouldn’t be where it is today without our employees. They are our most valuable asset. 

Paid Time Off

We know that employees can’t give their best without regular vacations. Everyone needs time to rejuvenate and enjoy friends and family. As a Phoenix employee, you can expect paid time off and paid holidays.

Retirement Savings In 401(k)

Our employees also enjoy peace of mind because we provide a 401(k) plan so our employees can perform their masonry work knowing their future is secure.

Masonry Work is a Career With Self-Determination

In many professions, you make the same salary no matter how much effort you put in. Not so in masonry. In some jobs, workers have little control over their earnings and the status quo is complacency and dissatisfaction. This is not the experience of a Phoenix employee. And finally, some companies take advantage of their employees by requiring them to work extra hours without extra compensation. That is never the case here. 

Masonry is a trade where the harder you work, the more money you make. At Phoenix Masonry, you can become an employee who takes pride in your work, enjoys seeing the results of your labor, and earns a good living.

Take Charge of Your Career at Any Stage

Do you cringe at the idea of sitting behind a desk all day? Does the pressure of climbing the corporate ladder keep you up at night? A career in masonry might be just what you’re looking for. In masonry work, you get to use your hands, see the fruits of your labor, and participate in creating the buildings in your community. It’s a good feeling to know your work will be enjoyed by thousands of people long after you have left the earth.  

If you are hoping to make a career change–whether that’s in a new company or a new industry, we hope you’ll consider working with us. If you are getting your career started, we have on-th-job training available. Fill out an application. We will be in touch with you shortly. 


Opportunities for Advancement

There is always something new to learn and we appreciate employees who are dedicated to improving their craft. We offer a pathway to advancement for employees who want more responsibility and more ways to contribute. Sound good?  Fill out an application. We will be in touch with you shortly.

We Have a Culture of Transparency and Open Communication

We have a culture of honesty, integrity, and transparency so you can feel good about how you spend your day and who you spend it with. We work diligently to keep our crews busy. If we see a shortage in our job pipeline, we will tell you and do everything we can to keep you busy so don’t get stuck without enough work.

College Isn’t the Only Path to Success

As masonry contractors, we know that leading a rewarding life doesn’t require a certain education or credential. We believe the pressure to go to college is outdated. It’s an ill-formed idea to expect high school students to choose a major and pursue a degree before they really know which career path they will enjoy. Many students complete their degrees only to realize their passions lie elsewhere, but by then, it’s too late. They accept an unfulfilling job because they have student debt and too many years invested into their education to do anything else. 

For some, taking on the investment of a college degree isn’t realistic. Nearly four million students drop out of college before completing their degree with an average of $7,174 in student loan debt. Without a degree, they have a harder time finding a job that pays well enough to service that debt. And they might be the lucky ones.The typical graduate with zero to five years experience makes about $48,400, but carries about $29,800 in debt. 

Meanwhile, a career in masonry work celebrates skilled craftsmanship and dedication— things you can’t learn in a classroom. Masonry construction pays well and provides on-the-job training. Best of all, you’ll have a great career without any debt.

We Value All Of Our Employees

When you choose to work with us, you join a team that values hard work, trust, integrity, and honesty.

And those aren’t just words to us. We truly believe that we are citizens of a larger community of craftsmen and laborers who make a difference in Denver.

We respect the contributions of our employees and know that we would not be as successful as a company without every team member’s input. Come and join our team and be proud of the work you do every day. 


We Work Hard For Our Employees

For many people in the skilled trades, there is a feeling that despite being loyal and giving your all every day, that loyalty is not reciprocated. While we can’t guarantee that there will always be work, we can promise that we do everything in our power to keep contracts coming in that will keep you busy.

Just as you take it personally when a company has to make layoffs, it’s very upsetting to us when we have to let good people go. We do our very best to market our company well and to stay top-of-mind with the contractors and municipalities who are hiring.


Work Outside in the Colorado Sunshine

With 300 days of sunshine per year, Colorado is one of the best places to work outside. We have immediate openings for apprentices where you will be paid to learn a skill that pays well. 

Ready to start working with a masonry company that stands for integrity and values its employees? Fill out an application. We will be in touch with you shortly.