Our History

A Legacy of Integrity & Quality

Our company’s story began in the 90’s with Steve Crook, who was the founder and President of Metro Masonry. Steve built Metro Masonry’s reputation of integrity and quality by providing Denver’s general contractors with expert masonry work they could count on. 

A Family Affair

It was Steve’s dedication to the masonry craft and the building industry that ignited a similar passion in Steve’s daughters, Christy and Cindy. The girls took on key roles at Metro Masonry with Christy Crook as Director of Business Development, and Cindy Crook as the Office Manager. 

Phoenix Rises From the Ashes

When Steve retired from Metro Masonry in 2010, Christy and Cindy decided to continue the family’s tradition of providing superior masonry services. In August of that same year, Phoenix Masonry rose “up from the ashes” of Metro Masonry with Christy and Cindy Crook leading the charge. 

By founding this new company, Phoenix Masonry became one of the few women-owned masonry companies in the United States and one of less than a handful of woman-owned masonry firms in Colorado. 

After Phoenix’s founding, the economic strain from the Great Recession pushed Cindy toward other business ventures, and Christy took over full responsibility for the business, growing it into the successful company it is today.

Phoenix Contributes To Denver’s Changing Skyline

Phoenix Masonry has been a part of the rapid changes to Denver’s skyline, contributing to numerous commercial masonry projects including Wadsworth Storage, the pedestrian bridges at Fox and Federal, and the Stanley Marketplace. 

A Promising Future

Between 2017 and 2019, our staff grew 30%, owing in no small part to the economic boom in Colorado and our ability to provide on-time, on-budget delivery of quality commercial masonry. 

We are pleased with our accomplishments and even more proud to continue the legacy of integrity and quality that Steve Crook instilled in our DNA. We look forward to advancing that tradition through the 2020s.