General Contractors

As a general contractor, the success of every building project rests on your shoulders. We understand the risks involved when entering into new partnerships with subcontractors. Your commercial masonry contractors’ performance reflects directly on you. We have decades of experience delivering quality work on schedule for GCs who know they can expect quality masonry services from Phoenix Masonry. 

We strive to facilitate the success of each project and help you keep your timeline. We use locally-sourced materials whenever possible and can complete detailed, accurate bids within 24 hours if needed. 

The crew we outline during the bidding process is the crew who shows up on day one, and every day thereafter until the job is done. From the moment we agree on the scope of the commercial masonry project and shake your hand, we are committed, engaged, energetic members of your team. We believe the building trades should be grounded in integrity, so quality craftsmanship and honesty are part of our core values. Contact us, to discuss your project. 


Governments & Municipalities

With extensive experience working with municipalities in Colorado, we not only provide expert contract masonry work, but we also efficiently navigate the paperwork and procedures required. 

Getting RFPs written and approved takes time and effort, so your masonry contractor must be able to answer the RFP to your specifications. For commercial masonry and municipal contract masonry jobs alike, the project’s success depends on more than the contractor’s diligence and skill. It depends on their ability to manage materials and teams, and adhere to strict timelines. 

We understand that you handle many responsibilities, with little room for error. You can’t accommodate project delays because crew members didn’t show up or weren’t properly briefed on the job. Municipalities partner with Phoenix Masonry so they can minimize their risks. We complete the scope of work on time with quality craftsmanship. Our legacy of integrity has been delivering great results for decades. 

Retirement Savings In 401(k)

Our employees also enjoy peace of mind because we provide a 401(k) plan so our employees can perform their masonry work knowing their future is secure.

Masonry Work is a Career With Self-Determination

In other professions, you make the same salary no matter how much effort you put in. For some, having little control over their earnings leads to complacency, while others are expected to work extra hours and get taken advantage of by their employers.

Masonry is a trade where the harder you work, the more money you make. With Phoenix, you can become a bricklayer who takes pride in their work and enjoys seeing the results of their labors.


Our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship is why we are an ideal partner for architects. Though it may not be typical for architects to specify a particular masonry contractor for their drawings, we can’t figure out why. You want assurance that your renderings will be perfectly executed. The foundation masonry is critical to that effort, so the next time you hand over your drawings to a GC, suggest that they request a bid from Phoenix Masonry. 

Phoenix Masonry’s team of 40 employees genuinely enjoys their work, takes time to think each project through, and values frequent and open communication. We can ensure that the masonry work you draw will be executed in exactly the way you envision. 

At the end of the day, our goals are the same— to bring your drawings to life. We both want to build an aesthetically-pleasing, long-lasting structure. It’s why we do what we do. After decades of commercial masonry work, we still take pride in keeping our promises, delivering quality work, and exceeding expectations.