Christy Crook Named “Construction Champion” by Construction DIVE

Another month and another jaw-dropping award win for Phoenix Masonry president and CEO, Christy Crook. This time around, Construction DIVE Magazine named her one of the industry’s “Construction Champions” in the Mentoring Category! It’s a special honor for Christy, as the recruitment and support of women in the construction industry is her biggest passion – one that’s been well documented over the years.

The news became official on Sunday, March 5, when Construction DIVE broke the news online and all of this year’s “Construction Champions” will be featured in the magazine’s print issue as well. To be considered for one of the publication’s prestigious awards, individuals in the commercial construction industry had to be nominated by their peers, with a 500-word or less explanation of why they were deserving of the honor. Taken from her nomination:

“What truly makes Christy Crook worthy of being named one of Construction DIVE’s award honorees is her single-minded devotion to a just cause – recruiting more women into the industry. Christy is a long-time board member of the nonprofit Transportation & Construction GIRL, an organization dedicated to helping young women learn about financially sustainable careers in commercial construction. Her tireless advocacy on this topic has been well-noted, up to and including an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America show. Christy is a regular contributor to several trade industry magazines, authoring contributed bylines that offer solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing concerns.

Christy Crook adheres to a simple principle she learned from her father, that “people do business with people.” She consistently goes above and beyond to help others in the commercial construction industry, indicative of her belief that once you’ve climbed the ladder, you don’t pull it up behind you – you reach back down and help others do the same.

Christy Crook’s primary passion remains constant and unwavering – the mentorship of young women whenever the occasion presents itself. Her best advice for them is simple and straightforward. Christy believes that the single best thing women can do for themselves is not to fear their own voice – or their ability to use it. She urges her proteges not to put limitations on themselves, and that support is willingly available to those who seek opportunities to learn, network, and secure a financially sustainable career in commercial construction.”

As part of the award winner’s recognition, each one was asked to answer a simple question – Why do you choose to work in construction? Here’s Christy’s answer:

“I choose to work in construction because, for me, it’s home – an industry I was literally born into and have grown to love even more with each passing year. Commercial construction is an industry of challenges in which we continually play the role of problem-solvers. This component is extremely attractive to me because there’s nothing I enjoy more than approaching typical problems with an unconventional mindset. Based on my experiences through the years, I’m certain that construction is among the most collaborative of any industries. The sentiment that we all have to work together in a collective fashion to get the job done never grows old – because nothing is more important than the human connections that make it all possible.”

Construction DIVE Magazine, based in Washington, D.C., is one of the commercial construction industry’s most prestigious publications. The magazine provides in-depth journalism and insight into the most impactful news and trends shaping the construction and building industry. The publication’s daily email newsletter and website covers topics such as commercial building, residential building, green building, design, deals, regulations and more. The publication is owned and operated by Industry Dive – a wide range of business journalists who spark ideas and shape agendas for 14 million decision makers in competitive industries.

Christy Crook is on a mission in 2023 to raise brand awareness for Phoenix Masonry through targeted media opportunities, speaking engagements, and additional award submissions. Currently, there are many projects in the works, and once these become public, we’ll be sharing these success stories in our social media channels and quarterly newsletters. In the meantime, congrats again to Christy for this well-deserved honor!