General Contractors

We get it. You take on all the risk for every project and it’s stressful. You need subcontractors you can trust to deliver on their promises. Masonry construction is especially critical because it is often the foundation of a build, so if it isn’t done on time, it can delay the whole job. And if the masonry work isn’t done right, it can undermine everything.

We Communicate Clearly, Early, And Often

Communication can make or break a job. If we see something in the drawings or project that could present a problem down the line, we will respectfully speak up. Our culture of trust, transparency, and open communication makes our team of masonry contractors more engaged and accountable for every project.

Integrity and Craftsmanship Is Everything To Us

When we look you in the eye, shake your hand, and give you our word, it means everything to us. That’s how our founder, Christy Crook does business and how we believe business works best.

We believe excellence in craftsmanship is a nearly sacred pursuit, and we approach every project as an opportunity to give our best. And while we love technology and look for ways to modernize, one thing that will never change is how we do business through personal relationships built on trust and integrity. Above all, we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. 

Our Team 

Our knowledgeable foremen, bricklayers, and hodtenders think things through, take pride in their work, and genuinely enjoy delivering great results. We are currently 40-team-members strong, have a passion for excellence, and bring decades of experience to every job site. You can rely on our project foremen to expertly manage materials, schedules, and team members so your project goes smoothly.

Respect for Your Job Site

Our respect for our customers expands to their worksites. When we show up to your project, the foreman has reviewed the drawings, the crew understands the schedule, and we are all ready to be collaborative, productive members of your team. Tell us how we can help you be more successful. What you may call going the extra mile is what we call a regular day of the week.

Stress-Free Bidding Process

You can’t complete your bid until you get accurate bids from subcontractors you can rely on. But a quick bid isn’t the only criteria. You need the subcontractor’s bid to encompass the entire scope of the project, be broken out into subsections, and include all the pertinent information. Our estimators are fast, detailed, and accurate. You will get the numbers you need when you need them. 

We’ll work with you to bring our bids in line with your overall budget. Though you’ll receive competitive pricing for our masonry work, we understand that you might need more flexibility to meet your bottom line. Talk to us. We’ll do our best to align our bid with your needs. We can’t promise this on every job, but whenever possible, we’ll help you meet your numbers.

Need A Bid In A Hurry?

In a rush? We can often complete a bid in 24 hours. Call us to put a rush on it. 

Transparent and Trustworthy

Go ahead. Check our references and call our suppliers. We pay our bills on time because we know how difficult it is to run a business when people don’t. 

Lower your risk knowing that our team members will complete the job on time, and on budget. You won’t be nickeled and dimed by us. 

How We Handle Disagreements

When we find ourselves at cross purposes with a general contractor or another subcontractor, we take the high road, look at the big picture, and ask ourselves, “What will best serve the needs of the whole construction project?” Then we collaborate to find the most expedient solution and move forward. Our reputation and legacy of integrity are far more important to us than any single argument. 

If We Make A Mistake, We’ll Fix It. 

No questions asked. It’s one more way we demonstrate our integrity and reliability, and commitment to delivering high-quality masonry work to our customers.

Size of Projects

Our masonry contractors do new commercial masonry jobs ranging up to $2 million, including but not limited to brick, block, stone, and glass block. We are bonded and insured for up to $2 million, so if something terrible and unforeseen happens, we (and you) are covered. 

We’re the Contractor’s Contractor

Phoenix Masonry is a Certified Small Business Enterprise. And we’re business owners too. We want to collaborate to make your job easier, and take great care to deliver on our promises so you can deliver on yours. 

We know that you can’t afford scheduling delays because the supplies weren’t ordered on time. Whenever possible, we use local suppliers to minimize wait times and avoid work stoppages. We also check and double-check on material orders so that when we show up, all the supplies do too. 

When we bid on your job and outline the crew that will complete the work, that is exactly the team who will be there from day one and every day until the job is complete.

Safety Ratings

Safety is your top priority and ours too. Our safety record is impressive because we continually train our employees on best safety practices and inspire a culture of safety first. 

Looking for commercial masonry contractors with a strong legacy of integrity and high-quality work? Contact us today.