Government & Municipalities

After all the efforts involved with getting construction projects approved and an RFP written, you want to work with a masonry contractor who can deliver what you need. We understand what’s at stake. Quality masonry is the difference between long-lasting infrastructure improvements and repeating projects every few years. Repeat projects are a strain on your resources and difficult to justify to stakeholders. 

We have experience working with many municipalities in Colorado. We are a masonry contractor that is familiar with city and county accounting processes and contract procedures. You can be confident in not only our excellence in craftsmanship, but also our understanding of the paperwork and procedures involved in working with a municipality.  


Our Certifications Speak For Themselves

We aspire to uphold the standards of trusted local and national organizations so we can provide quality masonry to municipalities and commercial contractors alike. As a woman-owned business, we’re certified by both the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and the City and County of Denver. We’re also a DEN certified Small Business Enterprise and certified by the Small Business Administration. 

Communication is Key, Expect Lots of It

Our culture of trust, transparency, and communication ensures that everyone on our team is fully engaged in the entire process of bidding, planning, scheduling, working, and completing jobs.

Jobs run on communication. We communicate with our employees and our customers early, clearly, and often. The success of municipal construction projects hinges upon the contractor showing up on time with knowledge of what the job entails. If the foreman isn’t sufficiently informed on the project, or the necessary materials aren’t available, or the crew is short-staffed, you lose time and money. We are thorough in our preparation to make sure that does not happen. 

We Consider Ourselves Members Of Your Team

Each job has our name on it long after it’s complete. Providing quality masonry is how we maintain our legacy of trust and integrity–we’re all about the customer. You can rely on our contract masonry team to oversee the entire project and ensure everything stays on schedule so your project goes to plan. Before we ever report to the worksite, our foreman has reviewed the project plans, our crew understands the schedule, and we are eager to assist your team. If there is a way we can help you be more successful, tell us. 

Our Word It Means Everything To Us

We believe one’s word should mean something, so when we look you in the eye and shake your hand, that is our bond. 

We are committed to delivering quality masonry work. That’s the standard to which our founder, Christy Crook, holds our contract masonry services, and that’s how we believe our company works best. We wouldn’t be in business without our customers, so we continually strive to provide superior craftsmanship. Though we’re always looking for ways to innovate and modernize, the one thing that we promise will never change is how we do business. Personal relationships built on trust and integrity are the driving forces behind all Phoenix Masonry operations. 

Contract Masonry From Responsible Professionals

Our team of 40 employees takes pride in delivering great results, and genuinely enjoys completing quality masonry work. When we bid on your job and outline the crew that will complete the work, that is exactly the team who will be there from day one, and every day until the job is complete. 

We understand that your scheduling is precise. You are under pressure to tackle municipal building projects while still managing your day-to-day duties. You can’t be worried about crew members who don’t show up or who aren’t properly prepared. Mistakes like that push your timeline off schedule.  

Our employees understand their responsibility to their community when they work on municipal masonry projects. They’re committed to executing with diligence and precision, and adhering to strict timelines. We know that often the success of your project is reliant on us holding up our end of the bargain. We take great care to deliver high-quality masonry work on time so you can keep the community running smoothly. 

If something out of our control happens to delay our progress, we will be proactive in communicating with you. We will work collaboratively with you to come up with a solution. 

When We Make A Mistake, We Own It

We never let ego get in the way of delivering on our promises. If we make a mistake, we own it and work to make it right. No questions asked. 


We’ll Work With You To Bring Our Bids In Line With Your Overall Budget.

Municipalities operate on tight budgets with little wiggle room, and hiring a masonry contractor can be a significant budget item. But, when you’re forced to take the lowest bidding contractor, often, you get what you pay for. Though we strive to keep our prices competitive with other contract masonry providers, we understand you might need more flexibility. Talk to us. We’ll do our best to bring our bid into line with your needs. We can’t promise this on every job, but whenever possible, we’ll work with you, and help you protect your bottom line. 

Accurate Bids When You Need Them

Sometimes you don’t have time to wait a week or even a few days for a bid from a masonry contractor. If you’re in a rush, call us. Often, we can complete a bid in 24 hours. Our quotes are always whole and complete. We break out the entire scope of the project into individual subsections containing detailed and accurate information. Rely on our estimators to get you the numbers you need when you need them.

Scope and Size of Previous Jobs

We do new construction masonry jobs ranging up to $2,000,000, including, but not limited to, brick, block, stone, and glass block.

Our Financial Capabilities

Municipalities are in the public eye, so it’s essential that your liability is limited. We are bonded and insured for up to $2 million, so should disaster strike, we (and you) are covered.

For contract masonry services with a strong legacy of integrity and high-quality work, rely on Phoenix Masonry for your municipal contracts. Contact us for a bid, today.