Commercial Masonry Contractor

Whether you’re seeking brick masonry, stone masonry, or other commercial masonry services, you can expect high-caliber materials and excellent craftsmanship from Phoenix Masonry. Our employees think things through, take pride in their work, and genuinely enjoy delivering great results. 

On-Time Completion

We know that often the success of your project is reliant on us completing high-quality masonry services on time. We take great care to deliver on our promises so you can deliver on yours.  

CMU, Brick, Stone & Glass Services

We make drawings come to life in structural CMU, structural brick, natural stone, and glass brick.

Structural CMU

If you’ve worked with commercial masonry contractor services, you’re familiar with structural concrete masonry units (CMU). CMU is the building blocks of countless buildings. Also called cinder blocks or breeze blocks, these multi-purpose units can withstand pressure from the shifting earth and are resistant to water damage including mold and rot, making them a contractor favorite for load-bearing and retaining walls.  

CMU delivers protection from pests, fire, and noise transfer, and provide insulation between rooms or from the outdoors. Our CMU is made from cast concrete and nominally measure 16 inches by 8 inches. 

Structural Brick

When enlisting commercial masonry services, contractors, municipalities, and architects may opt for structural bricks to build both load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls. Structural bricks provide the versatility and durability of similar materials, with an added aesthetic appeal. 

Structural Brick Color Options

Depending on your needs, you can select from multiple shades of brick to achieve the desired look and feel for your project. 

Natural Stone

Our commercial masonry services include indoor and outdoor masonry work in natural stone veneer. Natural stone structures can withstand the test of time, which is why many prominent statues and monuments are made from natural stone. 

The Cost of Stone vs. Brick 

Since natural stone only exists in certain geographic areas, stone masonry can cost more than brick masonry. However, we source stone veneer from local Colorado-based quarries whenever possible, so the costs are often contained.

On-Time Material Delivery

Speaking of locally-sourced materials, we typically use local suppliers to minimize wait times and avoid work stoppages. We know you can’t afford scheduling delays because the supplies weren’t ordered on time. We check and double-check on material orders so that when we show up, all the supplies do too.

Glass Block

As a commercial masonry services provider, Phoenix Masonry has experience working with a myriad of building units, including glass blocks. Architects and builders often include hollow glass blocks in their building plans to create decorative wall features that let in natural light while retaining privacy. 

Energy Efficiency

CMU, brick, and glass blocks are all LEED-certified materials. For example, glass blocks promote energy efficiency because they act similarly to double-paned windows, providing insulation and reducing the need for additional illumination during the day. Installing glass block windows can help buildings qualify for LEED or Energy Star certifications which verify the building’s environmental sustainability. Furthermore, buildings with such certifications can see resale value increases roughly 6%

Commercial Masonry Services Bids

We always provide competitive pricing, but if you need more flexibility to make your overall budget work, talk to us. We’ll do our best to bring our bid into line with your needs. We can’t promise this on every job, but whenever possible, we’ll do our best to help you meet your numbers. In a rush? We can often complete a bid in 24 hours. It will be thorough, detailed, and accurate. Call us.

We Believe In Integrity

When we look you in the eye, shake your hand, and give you our word– it means everything to us. That’s how our founder, Christy Crook, does business and that’s how we believe business works best. 

We understand that if a subcontractor screws up on your job, it’s ultimately on your shoulders. We’re business owners too and understand how much is at stake. While many subs may have the “it’s-your-problem” attitude, we don’t. We want to collaborate to make your job easier. We operate from integrity and believe in providing quality workmanship and excellent service.