The 3 Best Things About Being a Family-Owned Company

We take great pride in Phoenix Masonry being a family-owned construction company. Even though family businesses can be a challenge at times, working with family—and as a family—has continual rewards. According to our CEO, Christy Crook, here are the three best things about being a family-owned operation.


Better Communication

The way we speak to one another matters. Everyone at Phoenix Masonry does their best to approach team members with respect and equality. We’ve learned that communication is more than verbal. It extends to your body language, your facial expressions, and even your attitude. When you become aware of how you communicate with others, it makes you work harder to get it right. And everyone benefits from that.

Continual Improvement

Masonry is the type of work that instills pride in craftsmanship. Our close bonds allow us to challenge each other to keep striving for excellence. We learn from one another and support each other. This effort is reflected in the work we produce. And that’s a special thing when you achieve it.

Our Team is Our Community

When you’re a close-knit company, your co-workers become friends and a community develops. We know one another’s families, and celebrate milestones together. We’re willing to go the extra mile for one another. It makes work not just a place to make money, but a place to make a difference.

We benefit from being a family-owned business on a daily basis. The commitment we have to one another shows up in the work we produce for our clients. Sure, families are challenging, but Christy says she wouldn’t trade this for the world.