Pros and Cons of Fast-Tracking Construction Projects

When construction begins before the design is fully completed, you’ve got what the industry calls a fast-tracked construction project. Some construction projects, by nature, lend themselves to a fast-tracked solution—such as transportation repairs. When the bridge is out, it needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.

It’s a strategy, so to speak, with many advantages. But it doesn’t come without risk, either. Here are the pros and cons of fast-tracking construction projects.

Pros of Fast-Tracking Construction Projects

General contractors and municipalities who use the fast track technique save two of the greatest things in life—time and money. A tighter time frame and accelerated pace reduces overall costs and prevents market price increases on materials and labor. And the stakeholder on the receiving end of the finished project can utilize the finished project sooner than planned, allowing for income and receivables to accrue at a quicker rate.

Another pro for utilizing a fast-tracked route to project management in construction is the ability to capitalize on a backlog of badly needed work. In times of economic decline (hello, COVID!), many projects were put on hold. But once the recovery continues, (hello, vaccines!) commercial contractors should be able to reap the whirlwind of an in-demand marketplace.

Lastly, fast-tracked construction projects have a way of building character—and revealing it. Because of the advanced pace, teamwork is absolutely essential in making progress at an accelerated pace. The more experience a contractor has with handling fast-tracked projects, the better their communication skills will be for future work.

Cons of Fast-Tracking Construction Projects

It takes a talented team of collaborators to pull off a fast-tracked construction project. We’re talking about everyone involved from the architects and designers, to the jobsite crews, and inspectors. If they can’t communicate successfully and perform at a high level, all of the advantages of a fast-tracked project will quickly deteriorate into disadvantages. 

Poor communication, often under stressful conditions, can lead to cost miscalculations, worsening relationships, and lengthy delays. And consistency in materials and quality control can suffer as well, requiring an abundance of change orders which only adds to the headaches.

Not every project is cut out for the fast-tracked route. And if clients aren’t aware of the complexities involved in getting things right under stress, contractors run the risk of damaging their own reputation. Even a single bad review can prevent another job opportunity down the line. As commercial contractors are well aware, managing expectations is often the most difficult part of the job.

Phoenix Masonry is skilled in dealing with fast-tracked construction projects. We believe the contributing factor to our success is solid leadership from qualified (and certified) job foremen. Over the 10 years we’ve been in business, we’ve come to understand a few simple truths. One of them is this: there’s no substitute for experience. And we’ve got plenty of it.

If you’re a general contractor or a municipality needing a fast-tracked construction project, come talk to us and let’s discuss a bid to work together. For Phoenix Masonry, our proof’s in the portfolio.