Need Some Good News? Women In Construction Are Here to Stay

Amid all the chaos and concerning news about COVID-19, it’s easy to lose sight of the good things going on around the country. We’d like to share some positive news.

Early this month, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) celebrated Women in Construction Week (WIC). From March 1st through March 7th, across the organization’s 118 chapters, they devoted the week to highlighting and showcasing women’s’ important contributions both big and small. The NAWIC’s mission is to, “strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry,” and they did so during WIC week through community projects, workshops, fundraisers, job site tours, children’s activities, membership drives, and more.  

As a female-owned-and-operated masonry contractor business, we know the immeasurable value women bring to stone masonry. Read on for our favorite reasons women should pursue careers in the construction industry.

Get an On-The-Job Education

While individuals face pressure to go to college to receive a traditional education, college isn’t the only path to success. A career in masonry construction provides on-the-job training so women can avoid the expense of college while still establishing their careers.

Access to a Vast Network of Women in Skilled Trades

As women’s presence in construction grows, they’re developing a large network of mentors willing to pass along information and insights about their work in the industry. There are numerous organizations that support women in skilled trades, like the NAWIC, and the National Center for Women’s Equity in Apprenticeship and Employment, making access to mentorship for women easier than ever before.

Job Opportunities, Including Leadership

Though COVID-19’s impact on the construction industry remains unclear, there has been a general labor shortage, meaning it’s a job-seeker’s market. Many construction companies and subcontractors remain understaffed, presenting an opportunity for women to take on those roles and move up the ranks quickly into leadership positions.

Competitive Salaries

Many women have felt the sting of a gender pay gap, often only making roughly 80% of what a man makes for performing the same duties. In the construction industry, however, women make an average of 99.1% of what men make. Though not perfect, the construction industry’s much smaller pay gap margin means women are more likely to be compensated competitively for their hard work.

Experience Satisfaction and Self-Reliance

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of working with your hands in the great outdoors. A career in construction lets women see the fruits of their labor and feel the satisfaction of contributing to important infrastructure and building projects throughout their community. Construction careers also provide the opportunity to learn new technologies and programs that can be valuable to other industries. These jobs are team-oriented and collaborative, meaning workers build soft skills that can be vital to professional growth as well.  

Phoenix Masonry Is Proud to Be Woman Owned and Operated

Our founder and CEO, Christy Crook, understands the importance of promoting women in construction which is why she supports organizations like the NAWIC and Transportation and Construction Girl. Want to work with a masonry contractor that encourages female representation in the construction industry? Let’s talk.