How to Select the Right Masonry Contractor

How to Find the Right Commercial Masonry Contractor for Your Project

The world of commercial construction contractors is a crowded place. Market demand for new construction, renovations, public works, and even spec jobs continues to rise—as do the stakes for securing the right partner for your project. Chances are, when you work for an architectural or engineering firm, a general contractor, or even a municipality, some of your projects will include masonry elements. Commercial masonry requires a high degree of skilled labor to get the job done right, and it’s crucially important to find a contractor that’s qualified, dependable, and—above all—can follow through and deliver the results they guarantee during the bidding process.

As you pull together your project budget and begin accepting bids, what should you look for in a masonry contractor?

Here are some helpful tips for vetting your options…

Go Local

Depending on the limit of your search, you may find larger, cheaper masonry contractors outside of your immediate area, but it’s a safe bet you won’t get the personalized experience of a local outfit. The masonry contractors in your immediate area will be more familiar with your community, building code standards, and other regulations. Working with a local masonry contractor will also improve project communication and reduce your chance of unreliable crews who have to travel further to get to the job site. If problems do arise, your local contractors will be much more responsive, as their professional reputation is tied to the local business community. The masonry contractors in your area will have completed local jobs, making it much easier for you  to vet them, check references, and even review past projects. The same goes for any subcontractors they work with.


Review Credentials and Financials

The validation process is something that good contractors look forward to. Quality masonry contractors are eager to share their credentials, including proof that they’re licensed, bonded, and insured. Beware of any outfits that can’t produce these standard requests. Going with a bonded contractor means your project is protected in the event they fail to deliver on what was promised. Almost equally important—if not more valuable—is a masonry contractor that’s willing to demonstrate their financial solvency. Quality outfits will readily participate in the pre-qualification process when submitting a bid. It’s important to know whether your masonry contractor has the funds to meet their obligations for the project’s materials, labor, and payroll.


Show Your Work

The masonry contractor you want to work with will have a portfolio of their previous work. Look for examples of masonry work that aligns with your project’s requirements and ask questions about how they’ve approached similar jobs. At Phoenix Masonry, we’re proud of our project resume, which gets its own section on our company website. Good contractors will be proud to show you their work, and great contractors will even offer to give you a tour of past projects. This level of transparency and willingness to communicate bodes well for a future partnership.

In a sea of choice, choosing the right partner can be daunting, but these tips will help you to vet the field of bid candidates, hopefully leading to a masonry contractor that not only meets, but exceeds, your expectations. As you search for a quality mason, we urge you to consider more than just the price. Find a masonry contractor that doesn’t cut corners, communicates well, has a reputation for being reliable in your local community, and ultimately delivers what they promise. For the masonry contractors worth your time, this will never be a problem.