Benefits of a Skilled Trades Career: 5 Ways A Career in Construction is a Path to Honor and Self-Determination

If you are finding yourself sitting around wondering what your next career steps are, you are not alone. Now, more so than ever, people around the country are reinventing their careers. While it may seem like a challenging time to pivot into something new, many industries, such as the construction industry, have not slowed and continue to offer great employment opportunities. Here are some of the top reasons why choosing a career in construction and masonry is a great option.

No College Debt

Because many construction and mason industry jobs do not require a college degree, getting a job in this industry means you will not have to take out loans to get your start. With the rising cost of college tuition, many trade schools have stepped up their offerings to incentivize those who would normally consider traditional college. Trade schools typically take an average of two years to complete compared to a traditional four-year degree, and the average cost of a two-year trade school degree is $33,000, compared to the average four-year undergraduate degree cost of $127,000.

Even if you are not considering trade school, many construction jobs offer on-the-job training as well as plentiful opportunities for advancement. All that without college loans makes a career in construction very attractive.

Generous Pay

They found this kind of leadership helps reduce occupational injuries in the construction industry, according to the Construction Management and Economics journal. So, high EQ help managers connect and empathize with their employees, providing space for them to share their ideas, learn without judgment, and safely perform at their job. 

Changing Labor Force Demand

As many high schools continue to push for immediate entrance into four-year university programs after graduation, the construction industry is continuing to see a decline in available workers, meaning higher demand for individuals that boast construction or labor skills. According to the US Department of Education, over the next ten years, there will be 68 percent more job openings than individuals with career or technical educations who could potentially fill such positions. Increased demand for these jobs means that many companies are offering better salaries and benefits packages to attract employees.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

An increasing amount of studies continue to show the negative impacts of a sedentary job while highlighting the benefits of staying active at work. A job that allows you to experience the outdoors while also engaging in physical activity has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and increase one’s overall feeling of happiness. Working a construction or masonry job in Colorado allows for an active lifestyle that allows you to escape from the sedentary grind of a typical 9-5 desk job. It also allows for you to problem-solve in real-time without being chained to a desk or cubicle.

Job Security

One of the top reasons many individuals choose to work in the construction or masonry industry is because of job security. The demand for new infrastructure projects remains high while the availability of skilled labor declines. Many companies are struggling to find enough individuals to meet the industry’s growing demand. To help with retention, many companies also offer mentorship programs to help employees learn and grow their skills in the field. While the impacts of COVID-19 on the construction industry are still unknown, the construction industry will likely not be as impacted as significantly as other industries since there will continue to be infrastructure projects that require skilled labor to complete. 

The above reasons are just a few examples of why working in the construction or masonry industry is a great idea for your career. If you’re interested in a construction or masonry job in Denver, contact us today.