5 Ways Phoenix Masonry Works Safely During COVID-19

5 Ways Phoenix Masonry Works Safely During COVID-19

Apr 19, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic touches nearly every sector and the construction industry is not immune. Phoenix’s masons make pointed efforts to follow the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines for clean working conditions during the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure or team and our communities stay safe. Read on to learn the special safety practices we’ve implemented during this time.

Disinfect Equipment and Materials Thoroughly

Sanitation is a top priority for our team. We’ve instructed our foremen to spray down each and every one of their tools, construction materials like brickwork and scaffolding, and anything else that sees frequent use at least three or four times per day with a solution that uses ⅓ cup of bleach per gallon of water. With many hands touching key instruments multiple times a day, it’s too easy for germs to spread without proper sanitation. 

Scope Out Access to Clean Water

On a worksite, it’s not always clear where our masons can access clean water and facilities. To uphold the CDC’s guidelines for handwashing while at work, we identify sources of clean running water as soon as we get to a job site so our workers can keep their hands germ free.

Practice Social Distancing

We strictly follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. Our guys in the field are instructed to remain at least six feet apart from each other. Of course, some job site tasks require that workers are in close proximity, but we try to avoid that as much as we can. When the six-foot  distance isn’t possible, however, our team knows to follow specific best practices:


  • Face away from each other while working 
  • Wear face shields, respirators, or other face coverings
  • Wear gloves and wash hands frequently after removing gloves
  • Wear a long-sleeved garment to protect and potentially exposed skin.
  • Limit the number of people per crew and keep crews consistent to limit contact with external parties.


It’s easy to push the boundaries set by social distancing measures, especially when many of us have been isolating ourselves at home when we aren’t at work. However, our masons take these measures seriously because they know what’s at stake and want to protect their loved ones and our communities. 

An Emergency Preparedness Response Plan

We’ve compiled an emergency plan so that everyone on the job site knows what to do when scenarios arise such as encountering a person infected with COVID-19. It’s our job to make sure everyone knows the plan in and out, so that if issues come up, we handle them quickly, safely, and professionally. With new information coming out each day, keeping our emergency procedures in a central place helps guarantee we communicate safety updates quickly and effectively. 

Our Employees Look Out for Each Other

We’ve always been proud of the sense of community fostered between our employees, and in times of crisis, that community is made more clear. If one of our staff is out sick, the whole team feels it. Our masons regularly check up on each other to make sure everyone is staying healthy, happy, connected, and safe. 

Phoenix Masonry Looks Forward to Working With You Again

We’re an experienced masonry contractor with a long-standing history of serving Colorado with the utmost integrity. If we can answer any questions about your future masonry needs, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. 



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