5 Tips from a Masonry Contractor to Build Strong Teams

As an essential business, we’ve maintained limited operations during this period, but It’s time to fully return to the job site. As rewarding as it for our masons to get to build with their hands in the Colorado sunshine again, working with each other in person after weeks of near isolation will be a transition. Our industry relies on collaboration to get the job done, so team building is key. Read on for five tips for successful teambuilding on the construction site.

Encourage Shared Knowledge

Creating an environment where employees are encouraged to share their knowledge with their coworkers contributes positively to teambuilding. When team members help each other learn new skills, it puts everyone on the same level and eliminates a “me versus them” mentality. They say there is no “I’ in team for a reason. Celebrating the transfer of expertise between team members strengthens your team and improves their talents overall.

Run Safety Drills

Construction sites are hazardous by nature, so safety training is a large part of Phoenix’s culture. However, we’ve found that while safety drills are crucial for quick reaction times, in the event of an emergency, they can also act as team-building exercises. These activities require workers to rely on each other and work together to mitigate the safety threat, thus establishing trust, another key component of effective teamwork.

Establish Shared Goals

When your employees feel like they have a stake in your overarching goals, they’re more likely to engage and interact well with their teammates. On the job site, clearly establishing project goals as a team gives them a realistic target that they agreed upon and can collectively work towards together, improving output and team function.

Transparent Communication and Accountability

We know that communication can make or break any job, so we communicate clearly, early, and often. Communication is also a key component of team building because it helps establish trust and accountability. When employees feel that you will listen to them with an open mind, they are more likely to share their ideas and admit their mistakes, both of which are necessary for teams to function well.

Clean and Reset the Jobsite at the End of the Day

It’s one of the first lessons we learn as children; cleaning up after ourselves shows respect for the people around us, the space itself, and ourselves. Though it may seem like a given, taking the time to clean and reset the job site at the end of the shift helps foster teamwork. Employees must work together to put away all of the equipment, materials, and tools, and they get to return to a pristine worksite at the start of their next shift.

Why Choose Phoenix Masonry

We put effort into our team members and everyone wins. General contractors along the Front Range look to our experienced masons because we have a reputation for eager collaboration. We complete projects on time, within budget, and as agreed upon. If you’re looking for a masonry contractor partner with decades of masonry experience, contact us for a bid, today.