5 Reasons to Use Locally-Sourced Contract Masonry Materials

The right materials can make or break a contract masonry project. As you consider which materials to use for your next job, you could equally consider where to get them. While there are abundant national and international building materials suppliers, local suppliers can offer distinct benefits over far-away vendors. Here are our four favorite reasons to use locally-sourced masonry materials. 

Increase Control Over Your Supply Chain

The greater the distance between you and the source of the contract masonry materials, the less control you have over your supply chain. If your project or timeline changes unexpectedly, you need to be able to adapt quickly. If you ordered with a supplier located many miles from your job site, your materials might already be en route before you request a change. By the time the correct order arrives, you could experience major project delays, and even be subject to additional charges and fees. 

Local vendors tend to be quicker to act when changes arise because coordinating order modifications across a single town is much easier than across an entire state or country. And, the peace of mind gained from being able to visit your vendor in person is a benefit you can’t get from most larger chains.  

Reduce Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

Transporting and storing materials requires a significant amount of fuel and energy, and thus impacts the environment. While you might not be able to eliminate your energy usage entirely, you can reduce your carbon footprint overall by working with local suppliers. Goods purchased from local vendors spend less time in transit and storage than goods from national suppliers. This means it requires less energy to obtain them. 

Improve Your Bottom Line

Since using locally-sourced materials reduces your energy consumption, it also reduces your energy bill. Not to mention, a shorter supply chain reduces the cost of logistics. Those savings increase your business’s bottom line, allowing you to allocate funds elsewhere like increasing employee salaries and benefits, upgrading contract masonry equipment, or investing in future projects.   

Support Your Community

Buying locally shows your community that you’re invested in your local economy, and want to help it grow. Additionally, customers often appreciate it when businesses use local products. According to ThomasNet, 72% of industrial and B2B buyers “always or generally” prefer locally-sourced materials, compared to roughly 11% who prefer to use global suppliers. So, locally sourcing materials can not only stimulate the local economy, it can increase your business’s reputation and attract new customers. 


Why Choose Phoenix Masonry?  

Phoenix is an experienced contract masonry company. You can expect dedicated craftsmanship, passionate team members, and transparent communication. Whenever possible, we use local suppliers to minimize wait times, avoid work stoppages, and support our community and environment.

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