5 Key Considerations For Choosing A Contract Masonry Partner

General contractors take on all the risk for every job. Bringing on new subcontractors requires trust and accountability, and if the subs don’t deliver, the entire project suffers. Masonry work often provides a construction project’s foundation, so choosing the right masonry contractor is extremely crucial to the job’s success. Though numerous considerations go into selecting the right contract masonry provider, below we’ve outlined six key factors to weigh when vetting potential candidates for your next project.  

Scope of Previous Work

Finding an experienced masonry contractor is essential, but you should also ask if they’ve completed similar jobs before. For example, an experienced masonry team that has only worked in the commercial sector would experience a significant learning curve in understanding the processes and procedures involved in performing municipal work. Factors like job size and scale, materials used, and public attention around previous projects are all worth considering in addition to years of experience. 

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are valuable because they come from people who were once in your shoes choosing a masonry contractor. Many contract masonry businesses have customer testimonials published on their websites, but you can also ask them to connect you with past clients for a more candid review. If the masonry contractor delivers exceptional work, they will gladly connect you with previous customers, and those customers will happily tell you about it!

Their Ability To Collaborate

It’s important to get to know your potential masonry contractor before you accept their bid. Every contract masonry provider has a different culture, including communication, accountability, and project-management style. It’s possible that despite having relevant experience and positive customer testimonials, their team’s style clashes with your own, and that’s okay. Learning early that a masonry contractor isn’t right for your job will save headaches and wasted resources down the line. 

Accreditations and Certifications

Since outside agencies regulate accreditation and certification standards, they are an unbiased way to assess the quality and experience of a provider of contract masonry. These assurances vary by region, but you will likely find them listed on the masonry company’s website. You should also take into account other affiliations outside of the masonry industry, like the Small Business Enterprise Certification.

Transparent and Comprehensive Quotes Up Front

The right contract masonry company will be willing to sit down with you and go over their entire bid in detail. Neither party benefits when they’re not on the same page about how much time and resources a job requires. If the bid doesn’t include the entire scope of the project, make sure you fully understand what every cost includes before you sign. With stringent project budgets and tight timelines, you’ll need all the necessary information upfront so you can avoid project delays and surprise expenses. 

Why Choose Phoenix Masonry?  

With Phoenix Masonry, you can expect a quick bidding process, collaborative team members, and frequent communication. It’s how we deliver on our promises so you can deliver on yours. 

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