5 Benefits of Using Glass Block in Your Project Design

Oct 20, 2019

For most people, when it comes to glass block— you either love it, or you don’t. While some find this particular contract masonry unit to look clunky and outdated, many tout glass block for its versatility and inspired design potential. No matter your side on the debate, glass block has some undeniable strengths. Here are our five favorite benefits of using glass block in building designs.

Glass Block Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

From shower walls to flooring to exterior walls, you can utilize glass block in countless designs.

Its versatility allows contract masonry service providers to install it in almost any setting and to almost any specification.

Glass Block is Surprisingly Chic

You might remember glass block’s popularity throughout the 1980s, and thankfully, we can leave that icy-neon-night-club look behind.

According to Clever by Architectural Digest, glass block is cool again, and it has a bright future ahead. From floor-to-ceiling walls to accent windows, building designers are using glass block to add visual interest and distribute natural light in new and surprising ways. Today’s architects have found elegant and alluring ways to incorporate glass block into their latest models, and have used contract masonry companies to install these structural units.

Glass Block Offers Privacy and Security

Glass block is unique in that it lets in light, but obstructs the view of anyone looking in from the outside, thus providing privacy to those indoors.

Furthermore, glass block acts as a deterrent to burglars. Since these contract masonry units are bonded together with cement, you can’t open them from the interior or exterior without heavy-duty tools. In fact, when mortared together, glass blocks are almost as strong as a building’s foundation wall.

Glass Block Creates Separation Between Spaces

Glass block isn’t just for exterior walls and windows. You can use glass block to define entryways, separate office spaces, and much more. Since it provides privacy while still letting light through, glass block supplies the perfect solution to dividing interior spaces while maintaining an open atmosphere.

Glass Block is Eco-Friendly

Heat can easily pass through traditional windows, which makes them a significant cause of energy loss in most buildings. By contrast, incorporating glass block into exterior walls promotes energy efficiency and cuts down on energy costs. This is because glass blocks act similarly to double-paned windows, providing insulation and reducing the need for additional lighting during the day.

As an added bonus, glass block is recyclable. You can reuse old glass blocks from previous projects or send them to a recycling plant where they’ll be crushed and melted into other glass products.


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